It’s Important to Stay Healthy As You Age

Getting old doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy things that you used to when you were younger. Sure it does come with a packet of physical changes, but if you exercise, eat right, and take care of yourself, you will always stay healthy and active as you age. How you handle things like “empty nest” syndrome or depression or any major life change is the key to staying healthy and living your life to the fullest.

For more tips on how to increase your brain health, check out this video:

When you pass beyond the age of 60, it’s great to start thinking about ways to lead to healthy aging. It’s time to find things that make you happy and staying physically and socially active. Sadly aging comes with fear. You could be afraid of dying. You could be afraid of life without your spouse. You could afraid of becoming forgetful and losing your mind. Don’t worry! You are much more stronger and resilient than you think.

Tips on how you can GENERALLY stay healthy as you age:

Do the things that you have always wanted to do in life
This is your chance! Retire and follow your dreams! Travel, find yourself a hobby, go enjoy life doing the things that you love to do or have always wanted to do.

Focus on things that you are grateful for
Life is too precious for you to stress over things. Look around and appreciate the things that you have right now. It could be your spouse or your grandchildren.

Spend time with nature
When you are outside, all the problems that you may have should be floating away. Go hiking or fishing, which is part of the exercising, something that could make you happy and keep you physically active.

Express yourself if you feel down
If you might be feel depressed or down about something, don’t keep it in. If you keep it in, you could go into depression and that’s not healthy.

Find something to keep you from having “empty nest” syndrome
You probably loved playing with kids and just miss all the fun you had with them. Well a great thing to do after you have had enough kids in your life and you still feel like you need family company is to adopt a dog. A dog is a great and fun companion and they can even help you grab things that you can’t sometimes.

Tips on how to EAT healthy as you age:

Load up on high-fiber fruits, veggies, and breads
As you age, your digestive system slows down. Fiber will give you energy and help you feel like you can keep going with your life.

Avoid being dehydrated
Since older people are more prone to dehydration, it’s important to make sure you get plenty of fluid in your body. If you don’t get enough water in your system, you won’t be as sharp as you need to be.

Associate meals with being social
Somewhere in the world you will always hear “A meal is better when eaten with others.” Basically eating meals is much more enjoyable with others at the table. Stay in touch with your friends and invite them over often.

Keep in mind that, even if you haven’t had this problem already, many adults suffer from insomnia. Poor sleep habits could lead to you feeling cranky all day, leading to an unhappy and unhealthy lifestyle. If you keep yourself active during the day, you will sleep much better at night.

Make sure you find ways to keep your mind sharp. Try to complete some puzzles each day, like crosswords. The point is to keep your brain active so it’s important to challenge it everyday with something. Challenge yourself to something new in your life. Keeping your brain active with help you in feeling confident in dealing with memory loss.

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